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Give the Gift of Time

Everyone could use more hours in the day. If you're searching for the perfect present for friends or family members, use the Rescue Me Cleaning Gift card to make it easier for them to do what they love and live better.

Gift Giving Made Easy

Wrap up the best gift of the year in an easy to use $50, $100, or $300 gift card. Attending a dinner party? Help your hostess clean up afterwards. Spending the season at your in-law's? Make it easy and affordable to tidy up after you've gone. Rescue Me Cleaning makes it easy with PayPal purchasing.

Green Clean

Our green cleaning approach keeps your home fresh and germ free without the use of harsh chemicals and allergy causing ingredients. You work hard to give your family the healthiest food, and avoid chemicals in cosmetics, toys, and clothes. We make sure your efforts are supported throughout your home with green cleaning supplies.

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